Essay on A Nation’s Fate is Determined by Its Ruler

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“A nation’s fate is determined by its ruler”
A nation turnout is unquestionably the product of the one who is responsible for governing it. Two rulers who clearly demonstrate the validity of “A nation’s fate is determined by its ruler” are Peter The Great of Russia and Phillip the second of Spain. Both rulers had some great accomplishments that favored their nation but what is most important is the final outcome of a nation by the end of the Rulers death. Peter The Great had a great impact on Russia. His Rule changed what Russia had been for such a long time to something completely new that is still something that Peter had left behind. Phillip II of Spain also had a huge impact on the fate of his nation. Phillip had some great
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At the year of 1711 Peter is able to take the title of supreme emperor of all Russia. Peter The great mirrored what Louis the Fourteenth did with absolutism. Peter The Great was able to train a Solid army that was loyal to him. By doing so Peter the great disbanded a group called strelsy which were Russian guardsmen of the Russian nobility. Peter The Great also believed that suppressing and diminishing the power of the boyars (nobility) he would gain power and wealth with the taxes he imposed on them. An example of one of these taxes and probably the most humorous was the tax on wearing beard. Peter believed that without a strong military, the problems that his ancestors had faced would continue to diminish the influence of Russia. Peter not only created the first standing army of Russia in 1699, he also builds the first naval force of Russia modeling the naval forces of Western Europe. Peter invested so much into his military to secure his land an also to gain land with his army. An example of Peter The Greats accomplishments using his new military force was the capture of the Ottoman city Azov in 1695. Peter also founded the city of St. Petersburg on May, 1703. St. Petersburg was a very important city because it allowed Peter to secure his borders in the Baltic. Peter The great needed a strong economy to support his military. At first Peter

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