A Letter to My Sick Grandpa Essays

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Dear Grandpa, How are you, Grandpa? I hope you are doing fine. *boleh ke guna as fit as a fiddle?* It’s been long since I last wrote you a letter. I am truly sorry as I am busy burning the midnight oil to pass my examination with flying colours. I am narrating this letter to you is to tell you about some good news and bad news. I will tell you the bad news first so that you will be smiling when you are done reading this letter. Grandpa, is there something wrong? You know, last week I received a letter from home saying that you are making a fuss at home. Grandpa, you should control your temper. Where is my calm and easy-going grandpa? Stop throwing tantrum at Mum. I know Mum is really patient but everyone has its limits. Poor …show more content…
When snacking on fruit, pair it with a protein food, such as a string cheese, non-fat yogurt, or handful of nuts, to further reduce the impact on your blood sugar.
I heard that you went to daily evening walks to exercise. Well, that is good. I know what your main purpose is going to evening walks, Grandpa. Controlling your diabetes is just an excuse, isn’t it? Just because I am not at home, I did not know what you were doing, Grandpa. I know it all. You should really stop doing that unhealthy habit, Grandpa. Here is my suggestion, Grandpa and I am sure you will like it. You know the park we used to go every day before and have a beautiful lake? Why don’t you go there and go sit down on a rock, some dry leaves, or simply on the ground. Get comfortable with your surroundings, and really take in the sounds and the feel of everything around you. Next, close your eyes, and picture in your mind the nature that surrounds you. The point is to sense that you are in a beautiful place. You will be amazed at how relaxing it is to just sit back and enjoy the natural sounds of the woods and birds.
My dear Grandpa, I know why you had changed. It was because you are lonely, right? I also felt it when I first enter the boarding school, Grandpa. I feel like there is no one who I can talk to. It is just me, being not too

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