A Letter of Advice Essay

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Com200 Interpersonal Communication
Prof. Sherell Harrell May 8, 2012

A LETTER OF AD I. Introduction A. In life we are typically faced with the ins and outs of communication in many relationships in today’s society.

II. Identify the barriers to effective interpersonal communication 1. Identifying effective communication. 2. Ways to gain effective interpersonal communication.

III. Recognize how words have the power to create and affect attitudes, behaviors, and perception. 1. Learning how affective words can be. 2. Using words to communicate effectively.

IV. Understand how perception, emotions, and
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First, you two must be open and honest with each other.
There should be no lies or deception between the two of you guys. Always be yourself with each other never act like someone that you are not with your mate. Being honest with each other is a true people skilled trait that one should cherish in a marriage between husband and wife. In the text “Making Connections: Understanding Relationships,” Kathy Sole explains that resentments, suspicions, and other problems occur when people do not communicate or behave in ways that are consistent with the relationship the other person thinks has been established, and people tend to pay the most attention and to respond forcefully when the communication does not match their expectations. Please remember that is the key to a healthy marriage and friendship without conflict and confusion.
Next tip is, never criticize each other in your relationship. Neither one of you should enter into this relationship with false expectations or hopes in this relationship. Thinking that one is better than the other will set a sour tone and mood for this marriage before it is started. All in all, just because you are blessed with a knack for doing a certain skill or task than the other person does not give you the right to make an assumption that

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