A Lesson Before Dying: the Electric Chair Essay

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Spencer Kutsche
English 10
Mr. Kurz
The Electric Chair

Do you know what the electric chair is? Is it a chair that is guaranteed death, a chair that kills all of our corrupted criminals, or is it much more than that? The electric chair is called the “Strap-o-lounger,” the “Barcalounger,” the “we care chair” and the “be sweet chair” by jail and prison employees. Yet, the inmates and their lawyers call it the “Torture chair,” the “Slave chair,” and the “Devils chair.”(Cusac, Anne Marie) Is the electric chair even a fair death penalty or is it too much? Why and how do we even use the electric chair? Has any executions with the electric chair gone wrong? I will tell you all these answers you want to know. The electric chair came
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(Willing, Richard) Yet, if the electric chair is set up wrong your brain will boil and you will boil to death. You would think that after 100 plus years of using the electric chair the method of execution would be smooth and painless yet with some inmates that was not the case. In 1990 and 1997 the inmates that were executed had their head piece that covered their face was caught on fire. In 1999 in Florida an execution of a prisoner was found to have blood all over his shirt. Although these tragic events happened with the electric chair nothing near as bad happened as the execution of Willie Francis. Willie was on the wanted list when he visited his sister and the cops pulled him over. He was mistaken as a compliance in a crime when German soldiers shot a man down near a POW camp. The cops pulled him over and he stuttered they asked him further questions and he stuttered which the cops took it as a guilty sign and found a stolen wallet on Willie and the cops said that Willie pleaded guilty for the crime so he was sentenced to death. He got a chair that was portable called Gruesome Gertie that hooked up to the engine of a truck. The executioners had been drinking the night before and all morning and sure enough they wired the chair wrong just to give Willie enough electricity to make him shake and the chair began rocking after a while he

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