A Handful of Dust Essay

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Devotion and compassion toward one another, a core reason why many relationships these days work out and last a lifetime. Trusting someone is essential and basically the backbone to all relationships. Evelyn Waugh's A Handful of Dust is a satirical novel that involves the story of Tony Last and his wife, Lady Brenda. Tony is more in love with his house, Hetton Abbey, than with his wife. Brenda, bored with Tony and his apparent desire to live in the past, being the lord of the manor type of person, that she turns her attention to John Beaver, a twenty-five year old socialite. The personalities and character traits of Tony and Brenda contributed to the end of their relationship. Pompousness, conceit and the actions motivated by these traits …show more content…
When Tony reads the note that Brenda left for him, saying "You must have realized for some time that things were going wrong. I am in love with John Beaver and I want to have a divorce and marry him" (Waugh 172). Tony read the letter verbatim and took it literally. He interpreted it as the only reason for Brenda leaving, was her love for John. Obviously to Brenda, Tony was not showing enough affection and love towards her. Of course there were a variety of other events like the death of their son, her constant treks to London and their altercations about the flat Brenda was suggesting to buy. Mainly the fact that Brenda didn't get enough attention and affection from her husband was the reason why they departed and went their separate ways. The trouble was that Tony didn't really know what Brenda wanted. The amount of trust Tony had in Brenda played a huge role in their relationship. "It had been an autumn of very sparse and meager romance; only the most obvious people had parted or come together, and Brenda was filling a want long felt by those whose simple, vicarious pleasure it was to discuss the subject in bed over the telephone" (Waugh 74). Implying that Tony's trust for Brenda is immense, he thinks that she is dedicated besides the fact she is miles away from him for weeks at a time. It is indicative of Tony's arid character that it took him several days

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