A Genetic Trait: Dimples Essay examples

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Clifford Redmond Jr
March 12, 2014
Professor Gibson
A Genetic Trait: Dimples In many eyes, dimples are considered a mark of beauty and loveliness. In an article by Manali Oak she describes "Dimples" almost perfectly. According to Oak, "Technically speaking, dimples are observable cavity created as a result of the underlying flesh of the cheeks. It is very difficult to understand that dimples are the outcome of a birth defect resulting from a diminished facial muscle. A dimple is the result of a defect in the subcutaneous connective tissue that unfolds during embryonic development. Also, a variation in the structure of the facial muscle zygomaticus major is known to cause dimples. When a person smiles, the smaller muscles on
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A variation in penetrance is referred to as variable penetrance. On account of this sensation, some individuals are only carriers of a certain gene but do not display the traits affiliated with it. However, they work as carriers of the gene and gives the traits to their sequential generations.In some cases, dimples can produce from unplanned modifications. In such cases, a little flaw in the facial muscles causes a dent in the cheek or a cleft chin, thus resulting in the making of dimples. Reduced penetrance is a miracle whereby certain genetic traits miss some generations and reappear in following generations, in different genetic patterns. At times, it so happens that a person receive a certain genetic trait and also receive another trait that subdues the prior one. For example, if a person receive the genes for dimples but also receives the genes accountable for a small face, the dent in a person's facial muscles will not be obvious on account of the diminish size of his face. The person works as a compliant carrier of the genes for dimples in such cases, as well. Strangely, dimples that are considered to beautify your face, are defects in your facial muscles. They are a classic example of the motto that says, "Imperfection is beauty!"(Manali Oak)". After reading this article, it helps me understand that dimples are an irregular dominant trait

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