A funeral Eulogy for a Roman Wife Essay

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The eulogy that this man wrote about his wife showed that she had many admirable qualities. By reading the eulogy, you could point out the virtues and duties that were expected of a Roman wife during this time period. Turia seemed to display great modesty, deference, affability, and had an amiable personality. The wife looked out for her husband’s fortune and he did the same for her. Turia also was very giving and was committed to her family. She took care of all the household affairs. Turia wanted the best for her husband even if that meant having to divorce him so that he may have children with someone else. The eulogy her husband wrote is a true summary of what it is like to be a Roman wife. Roman husbands during this time …show more content…
I believe her best quality was her selflessness. She was willing to give up her marriage in order to make her husband live a happier life. She looked out and loved all of her family, even her husband’s family. She was such a kind and generous women that her husband believes that fate gypped her and that he should have died first. She did all of her duties to keep their marriage as great as her husband made it out to be. By being so selfless, she died with the love of her family and was given a eulogy to really commemorate what an outstanding person she actually was. A Roman wife during this time period was expected to be basically immaculate if they are anything like Turia. The duties were mostly taking care of the home while the husband was doing his duties elsewhere. It is expected that the woman was to raise the children as well, however Turia could not have any. As a result she shifted her motherly and loving instincts to her other family and her husband. As for virtues, women were expected to be modest, willing to do anything for their husband, and be loyal to him. Roman husbands expected a lot out of their wives in order for the marriage to work, and Turia is a prime example of an ideal Roman

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