A Critical Evaluation of the Deductive Argument from Evil Essay

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Critically Evaluate the Deductive Argument from Evil

Logically, can Evil and the “three-O” God co-exist in this universe? The deductive argument from evil says they cannot. In this essay I will explain the argument and analyze why it is valid but unsound. I will do this by discussing fallacious nature of the premise that if God were omnipotent and knew he could prevent the existence of evil without sacrificing some greater good he would then necessarily prevent it. The essay will propose the following evaluation of the deductive argument from Evil: that each premise logically follows from its antecedent, but that the concepts in the premises themselves are not entirely understood and can be refuted. God’s Omni benevolence,
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No. Simply because God does not intervene in evil, doesn’t imperatively mean that God is not choosing to do “good” through the choice of nonintervention. If God is Omnipotent and can choose to do anything logically possible, then he can also choose to allow evil if it serves a good purpose, not necessarily related to a greater good which explains the existence of all evil, but for other good reasons. Suppose that the greater good that not only enables us to forgive but also to justify all evil on earth was Heaven - a possibility of eternal life in paradise. God knowing he can prevent evil without sacrificing this greater good would do so due to his “three-O” nature (explained in the deductive argument from evil). Then what kind of evil might He logically allow to exist? Evil that may lead one to choose this eternal kingdom would be a form of evil that would be justified since it brings about a good, not that greater good which allows all evil to exist, but another good that is reasoned in the eyes of God. Eleonore Stump offers this idea as a response to the deductive explanation of the problem of evil, stating that natural evil can humble men and bring us closer to a reflection of the transience of the world. In her retort she explains that these things may bring man to even contemplate God’s

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