A Comparison and Contrast Between the Educational System of Russia and the United Kingdom.

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A comparison and contrast between the educational system of Russia and the United Kingdom.

It is impossible to be a successful person if you a not well- formed. Everyone has the right to education. But it is not only a right,it is a duty too. An educated person is one who knows a lot about many things. Each pupil ought to do his best to become a useful member of our society.All countries have traditional system of education but there is still some meaningful distinction between them.We can note examples of many different systems, but I think we should consider the most oldest education system in Great Britain and the Russian education system , the best in some qualities I think.But as many persons as many opinions, and the best
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The term of study in a general secondary school is 11 years and consists of primary, secondary and high school. Teaching in both countries is usually quite informal. Students often work together in groups and go to the teacher only when they need help. At school pupils spend the most important of their lives. It is here that their characters and views are formed. In spite of those differences, in both countries education is compulsory for every child.At the age of 16 students sit the exams in as many subjects as possible .(2) Young people may enter institute or university to get the higher education. After finishing the course they get the bachelor's degree and after graduating from the higher educational establishment - the master's degree. Thus we can see that,to study is not an easy thing, of course, but nowadays it is quite necessary to be highly skilled and educated specialist. On in whole,the educational systems in both countries are different,but not in all, so we can summarize what they are quite similar. Education in the United Kingdom always have been prestigious. The success of which was developed step by step, therefore it would take a long time for Russian system to reach the standard of the British. However in our country there are universities which are famous for the quality of there education as in the United Kingdom.

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