Essay A Comparative Study of Christianity and Islam

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A Comparative Study of Christianity and Islam
--Collaborated by Lin Chuangsen, Lin Fan, Zheng Feng & Zheng Jia I. Introduction Christianity and Islam, along with Buddhism, are considered to be the world’s three largest religions. As a particular form of human experience with distinctive qualities and patterns, they play an important part in all human cultures. Christianity and Islam are closely related to each other, because they both revere Abraham and certain other patriarchs mentioned in the Bible as their spiritual ancestors. However, their similar points are not nearly guarantee that their followers can get along, owing to numerous differences between them. And it has been proved that most of the religiously motivated
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Muslims, however, insist that there is only one all-powerful, all-knowing God, indivisible, who created the universe. They call it Allah. This rigorous monotheism, as well as the Islamic teaching that all Muslims are equal before God, provides the basis for a collective sense of loyalty to God that transcends class, race, nationality, and even differences in religious practice. Thus, all Muslims belong to one community, irrespective of their ethnic or national background. 2) Status of Yeshua. Christians generally consider Yeshua to be the Son of God, part of the Trinity, and worship him as God. But Yeshua is very highly respected as the second-last prophet. 3) Birth and death of Yeshua. Both Muslims and the Conservative Christians insist on Yeshua’s virgin birth while the liberal Christians maintain his normal birth. As for his death, Christians believed that Yeshua was executed by Roman Army and eventually ascended to Heaven while Muslims held that Yeshua was neither killed nor crucified nor suffered death but he just ascended alive into Paradise. 4) Status of Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve fall from Paradise as a result of disobeying God’s prohibition, and all of humanity is cast out of Paradise as punishment. In Christians’ eyes, man is born with such an original sin and it’s Jesus Christ who came to redeem humans from this original sin so that humankind can return to God at the end of

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