Essay on A Career in Physical Therapy

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Life can change in a split second when an unanticipated injury or disease hinders someone’s normal daily life. Modern medicine, physicians and families can only do so much but physical therapy can help recoup the life many of us take for granted. It often isn’t until we lose something that we as humans realize what we had such as the value of our body’s ability to take us through each day. A physical therapist is the person who stays with a patient for the duration of the rehabilitation process. A physical therapist leads the patient through the process of regaining physical strength and helps the patient regain control of their future. Much like many careers that involve interaction with individuals, physical therapy reaches beyond …show more content…
They also spend many hours bending and stretching during the sessions. A therapist will often model an exercise or stretch for a patient. These activities all require the therapist to be physically fit and have good physical stamina. (“Physical Therapists”) A physical therapist’s work hours and conditions can vary to a large degree. Since it is generally a one on one session the job can be very flexible. A physical therapist may work for a large group and see many patients a day. Others may choose to work for a smaller practice and focus on only a few patients. The work place can be a private home, an office, a hospital or even a school. The hours of work are typically set by the individual appointment times that are set up to accommodate the patients. Since many patients are working and have other obligations the therapy sessions can extend into the evening and weekends. This can be very beneficial to a therapist who is a parent or student or has other obligations of their own. A physical therapist can schedule their appointments to best fit their life also. (Krumhansl 39) The intrinsic benefits of this job are plentiful. The physical therapist is able to see and measure progress in patients in so many ways. As patients regain control of their lives and feel happier and more successful the therapist can feel fulfilled. Giving and helping others is always a great way to feel complete and proud and a physical therapist

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