Zynga Wins with Business Intelligence Essay

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The Internet and social media websites have provided lucrative business opportunities for many companies. However, one particular success story is Zynga, a gaming company founded by Mark Pincus and a group of entrepreneurs. Zynga is currently the leading developer of social network games, such as CityVille, Texas HoldEm Poker and Farmville. Zynga uses Facebook as its main network and relies on the social media aspect of the website to attract potential gamers to play their games. Clearly this method works, as the three games listed above are the most frequently used applications on Facebook. Statistically, Zynga’s games have 250 million monthly active users, of which generate 3 terabytes of data per day. However, what is unique about Zynga …show more content…
In reality, Zynga don’t really relate to people’s attitudes but rather people’s data. Although many people believe Zynga is not really a gaming company, the statistics and data they use to consistently produce revenue don’t lie. The data shows that people enjoy playing their games and spending their money to progress deeper into these games. This data shows that the majority of people’s attitude toward the company must be positive, despite Zynga having many critics due to their data hording methods. The facts also show that Zynga’s power and influence is growing rapidly. The case states that many gaming powerhouses, such as Blizzard and Activision are trying to imitate Zynga by using social media platforms for new games. This shows that Zynga are becoming a powerful competitor in the gaming market. However, despite Zynga becoming a hugely profitable gaming company, the company is not perfect. One root problem at Zynga is that it relies on Facebook as its platform and this means that it also relies on Facebook staying popular to ensure its own success. Not only does it rely on Facebook staying popular, it also relies on the fact that Facebook continues to allow it to leech of its platform. Should they ever decide Zynga is no longer a profitable part of Facebook, they would have to find another platform or way of hosting their games, which poses huge problems to the success of their social media style of game

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