Zulu Research Paper

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The Zulu tribe is the largest of the indigenous people in South Africa, their homeland Kwazulu-Natal decided to join South Africa after Apartheid came to an end. The Zulu today while being very devote to their Christian faith still keep their old traditions alive and healthy still practicing the coming of a girl to a woman and a boy to a man. The Zulu have their own traditional societal rules while still following the ever-changing culture of South Africa.
The Zulu believe in Unkulunkulu which is known to the Zulu as the greatest of the great.
“He created everything, from land and water to man and the animals. He is considered the first man as well as the parent of all Zulu. He taught the Zulu how to hunt, how to make fire, and how to grow
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The Zulus still have their own king within the boundaries of South Africa, he does not hold any political power but since he is the legitimate blood heir to the Zulu tribe, he does carry some swing with the government because the Zulus are the lrgest indigenous people group in South Africa today ranging in the 3 million, they are mostly located in the Kwazulu-Natal area and are easily spotted with their traditional clothing which some wear every weekend or during their daily activities. The Zulu king has made it his mission and his legacy that he does not want them to forget their history as the tribe which started with 1500 members which quickly grew under the found King Shakas guidance and lead the to the Zulu empire which was dismantled by the …show more content…
This is actually done today still even though it Is considered a superstition even to the Zulus. “The Tokoloshe is a feared individual, the equivalent of a Zombie, it is said that wizards created Tokoloshes by taking a corpse, gouging out its eyes, cutting out its tongue and driving a red hot rod down through its skull where upon it shrinks to the size of a small child. By blowing magic powder into its mouth, it comes to life for its masters bidding.” (Zulu

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