Zora Neale 's How It Feels The Very Colored Me Essays

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In “How It Feels to be colored me” by Zora Neale she expresses her viewpoints in a descriptive way on how important ethnicity is. The subject of ethnicity is a serious topic, but Zora uses humor to express here feelings about the topic. Zora gives descriptive details about her childhood in Eatonville Florida and then shows how she was able to cope with her skin color. “I am the only Negro in the United States whose grandfather on the mother’s side was not an Indian chief.” Zora starts of her essay with humor, the meaning of this quote is that a lot of African Americans believe that they are part Native American. The reason why African Americans think this is because they want to be unique and mixed, not just African American. Zora then goes on describing her past child hood with the quote “I remember the very day that I become colored.” Zora does not really remember the day she was born, but she wanted to be comical with such a controversial topic. This quote allows readers to understand the tone of Zora’s essay, as a reader they see that throughout the essay there will be humor and not be surprised with a humorous tone on the subject of race. Zora then continues with some of her favorite activities for sitting on the front porch greeting travelers. The only whites Zora knew were the ones that passed through her town going to or coming from Orlando. She enjoyed seeing these white strangers pass by, she would greet them with “Howdy-do-well-I-thank-you-where-you-going’?.”…

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