Zoos Are Inhumane Research Paper

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Dhanishka Pohuja
Professor Linda King
English 1A- 40396
19 October 2015
Zoos are Inhumane and Animals should not be kept in Captivity Zoos have been around for hundreds of years, displaying wild animals from around the globe for educational purposes as well as a form of entertainment for people. For the context of this research paper, zoo has been defined, by Oxford Dictionaries, as “An establishment that maintains a collection of wild animals, typically in a park or gardens, for study, conservation, or display to the public.” From The Free Dictionary, wild animal has been defined as “Animals that have not been domesticated or tamed and are usually living in a natural environment, including both game and nongame species.” Ironically, we as
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According to Michelle Carr, a representative of PETA, when animals are forced to live under controlled conditions, they experience a phenomenon called “zoochosis.” This is a psychological syndrome of loneliness and boredom, which then accumulates to depression and no physical or mental desire to do anything (Carr, The Reality of Zoos). Did you ever wonder why some animals seem to be mindlessly rocking back and forth? Well, that is the depression and zoochosis kicking in, and some zoos even inject their animals with a daily dose of a drug, such as Prozac, that modifies their …show more content…
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