Zombieland Film Analysis

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In the cinematic world, films and the ideas behind them are becoming more complex and innovative than ever before. In order to keep up with the demand for new, quality films, the masterminds behind the films have to get creative. A method filmmakers use to conjure these movies is the genre mashup. An excellent example of a genre mashup in the film industry is the movie Zombieland. A genre mashup is a number of different objects from various genres being "mashed" into one and in a sense, breaking the boundaries each genre may have once been confined by.
Zombieland executes the idea of the genre mashup in a quirky, yet genius manner. Throughout the duration of the film there are three major genres involved in the mashup. The genres of horror, comedy, and romance are cleverly embedded in the inner workings of Zombieland. Horror films typically put the main characters in a life or death situation that leaves the audience gasping in terror. Meanwhile, romance movies usually explore the crowd's feelings and simulates a love story that's both relatable and fantasy. Finally, comedy movies could encompass countless situations putting the characters in laughable and relatable scenarios. Generally, horror movies are aimed at thrill seekers, romance movies are targeted at couples and the sensitive types, while comedy movies are for lighthearted
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These movies have been successful, but unlike Zombieland, these movies are austere and include very minimal comedic relief. An aspect of successful horror movies is the use of comedic relief. Often times these horror films don't use tons of humor because that would diminish the amount of horror they want the movie to demonstrate. The item that harms horror movies occasionally is the notion of taking the scary aspect of the film too seriously. This often leaves the movie one dimensional and

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