Zoe 's Role For Special Education Essay

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Zoe is an 8-year-old who is currently attending Some Elementary School and is enrolled in a general education second grade classroom. Zoe had difficulty focusing and repeatedly disobeyed her teacher’s directions during Kindergarten. Zoe was retained in Kindergarten due to concerns of her academic skills and poor behavior. These concerns were not addressed and continued to affect her for the next 2 years. Zoe’s parents requested a 1:1 aide to address the struggles Zoe is facing but the District denied it. By the end of Zoe’s first grade, she was reading at a primer reading level and had 6 referrals to the office. During Zoe’s second grade year, parents stated concerns about reading skills and behavior and the Principle started the SST process. During the SST meeting, parents informed the team that Zoe was going to visit a doctor to determine if she has ADHD. The parents also asked for special education assessments to be done on Zoe.
Issues to be considered are possible violations of the District in regards to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and the California Education Codes. The first being whether the District failed in their Child Find Obligations. The second is whether the District failed to assess the student in all areas of suspected disability (Ed. Code, § 56320(f)). The third possible issue is the Districts failure address poor behavior and academic difficulties with appropriate measures.
The IDEA includes the Child Find…

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