Zits And Hawkeye Character Analysis

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The characters Zits and Hawkeye do not have supporting families that they lived with or could identify with. Both characters are hybrids or can identify with two cultures/races. Since they are alienated from their families they do not have to necessarily identify with their families background. They are alienated from their families because it is a way for them to explore or chose their own identities.
The authors decided to alienate these characters from families so that they can have their own identity and independence. This is true in American society that individuality is embraced and important for each individual. In America anyone can be their own person and chose what they want to be. America is also a melting pot and people usually identify to their families cultural/racial background. Zits and Hawkeye go against this norm and decide to be who they want to be.
Zits is Irish and Native American and he does not particularly identify himself to belong in any of these racial groups. He says, “I’m not really Irish or Indian. I’m a blank sky, a human solar eclipse” (Alexie 5). Since he does not have his real father he cannot identify himself as fully Indian. An example is the Indian Child Care Act that allows only Indian families to take care of Indian orphans. Since he is not
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Both do not willingly choose their identities because of their family background. Rather they chose if they want to be identified with them or not. They both reflect American society because each person is taught to be independent and their own person. Each individual is unique and this is what makes America special. Everyone can choose to be who they want to be. Even without having a family it is possible to be independent and still have a unique identity. Hawkeye and Zits are examples of alienated person with a strong identity. Thus, individuality is praised and something to be proud of in American

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