Zipcar Case: Influencing Customer Behavior Essay

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ZIPCAR CASE: Influencing customer behavior
By offering car sharing, Zipcar offered a different way other than rental, car ownership or taking taxi with competitive advantage of low cost, service speed and convenience. Zipcar targets at people groups similar as car rental companies, specifically people who don’t want to own a car (hassle and cost), need a second car or different car for different purpose, but in a more convenient and cheaper way. It provides low cost by cutting infrastructure and employees. For example, it will save people who live in Brooklyn 40% by taking a 2 hour drive, compared to rent a car.

Besides cost saving which can be achieved compared with owning or renting a car, unlike traditional rental companies, Zipcar
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As we can see in the case, Anita is going to have terrible customer experience if Sal decided to continue interview instead of returning car on time. As stipulated by Zipcar, customers can only extend their use if there is no next booked schedule for the car. Customers can sign up alerts and they will receive a text near the end of reservation. If the car’s available and they would like to extend, they can proceed. However, there is no pre-warning for them that there is a customer right waiting for their car. If there is no backup car available, and the booked car is delayed, mechanically disabled or in an accident, the entire schedule will be messed. Since outcome of the experience will greatly influence the customer as memory, it’s hard for Zipcar to gain loyalty from these customers and even their friends.

Therefore, critical factors to go forward, 1. Increase reliability of service to create successful and satisfying experiences 2. Influence and establish correct customer behavior by technology or process 3. Provide different strategies for problem solving 4. Keep advantage in costs 5. Establish national network 6. Continue to set different prices for different areas 7. Regular maintenance of the fleet.

In this case, customers are not only customers. They are also part of service providers in a way. Users greatly influence next customer satisfaction rate by following the rules. Place things in

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