Zinn And Wood: Lesson And Comparison Of The American Revolutionary War

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Zinn and Wood Comparison and Contrast Essay

In 1776 a remarkable event in American History occurred between the American colonies and the British. This event was recognized as the American Revolution. The American Revolutionary War was a war that help and put the American colonies in a great position to gained their own independence from the british. Here are several authors with differing opinions on whether or not the American Revolution had as a significant impact as history claims. Gordon Wood states how the American Revolutionary War was in fact beneficial towards our history. Where as Howard Zinn states in his article Untold Truths About the American Revolution how the American Revolution wasn't as beneficial towards history as everybody thought it was.

Zinn and Woods thesis statements are presented where that can be viewed in a positive or negative light. In Woods thesis it states how the American
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For example he states a question, it being “How many people died in the Revolutionary War ?” he follows up with 25,000 to 50,000 people and quickly compares that to today's current America. Stating that this is equivalent to one and a half million people dying just to get the British off our backs. On the other hand Wood while using the same american perspective states how the revolution radically changed the course of american history not only in that time period but how its success is still evident today. He states how people's views were almost “entirely political” back then and how everyone was sorta one minded. But later explains that the revolution opened up everyone's mine. For example one social class did not overthrow another and the poor was more important than the rich but people were more connected in a sense. With theses reasons it's fair to say while they share similarities there way different

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