Zimbardo 's Study On Stanford Psychology Department Basement Essay example

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In 1971, Philip Zimbardo conducted a social experiment called Stanford Experiment at the Stanford psychology departments basement. Which the basement for Stanford was converted to a real prison. Over 70 college students reached out to the add that was put up in the newspaper about this experiment. Only 24 random college men to be the “prisoners”, and a few men to be the “guards” in this experiment. Zimbardo would pay them 15 dollars a day till the experiment was over, which had to last 2 weeks. The Palo Alto police surprised the men by arrested at the location they were in and was taken to the Stanford psychology department basement. They were assigned an imaginary case and number when they were entering the prison.
The men that took the role of being guards were going over board and treating the men that were prisoners really harsh. They will make the prisoners do a lot of work and abused them physically. It got to the point where they thought they were really guards at a real prison, the same with the prisoners. The were treated like prisoners, called by number and getting a real case, for example robbery. They even had their families come and visit them or call them and tell them how he was doing. In this experiment the hypothesis would be, if the prisoners are not related in any way, then each level of conformity towards the situation would be different. The independent variable in this experiment would be the participant. The dependent variable in this experiment…

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