Zimbardo 's Stanford Prison Experiment Essay

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When people think of police officers, they should think of someone with integrity, fairness and civility. When one is given power and authority over others, it is possible to assume that one will be ethical and just with their decisions. On the other hand is it possible that instead one might show their true colors? While much of society and the media blame strange behavior from police officers on race I believe that there’s another explanation.
On Friday, June 5th, 2015 Texas police officers aggressively stopped a pool party. At this party a 14-year-old girl was temporarily detained by one of the officers. At the same time other officers were ordering children to lie on the grass while the third officer started handcuffing children around the scene. A video was posted the next day of this incident that caught the attention of many newscasters. The behavior displayed on June 5th 2015 can be explained through Zimbardo’s Stanford Prison Experiment. The experiment was conducted at Stanford University, by a group of researchers that were lead by Philip Zimbardo. This experiment demonstrates how social roles influence our behavior and “ how normal people can take on virtually any type of role.” (textbook) The participants “were randomly assigned to play the role of either prisoner or prison guard” (textbook)
In Zimbardo’s prison experiment there were three components that changed the participants’ attitudes and actions within the six days of the experiment. Through…

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