Zimbabwe And The Central Intelligence Agency Essay

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Zimbabwe is a country that nobody ever thought to pick because it is assumed that there is nothing going on in this small country in Africa. Well those people are missing the action of this small country. Even though this country is small there are a lot of things to learn.

Zimbabwe, even though it is not a big country, is stated by the Central Intelligence Agency that the population is “14,229,541 People.”(The World Fact Book: Zimbabwe) Even though this number was received in 2015, the population did not dramatically change in two years. Next, Zimbabwe in total speaks three languages according to the Nations of the World, this country speaks “Shona, Nedebele, and English.” This country is diverse in more languages than another country like Mexico or Germany. Next, the life expectancy in this country is shorter than the United States of America. The life expectancy in Zimbabwe according to the Central Intelligence Agency is “57.05 years, males are expected to live 56.54 years, and women are expected to live 57.57 years.” This statistic states that women are expected to live a year longer than men. In terms of religion however this country is mostly Christianity. In Zimbabwe there are a couple of religions. For example the CIA stated that, “Protestant 75.9% (includes Apostolic 38%, Pentecostal 21.1%, other 16.8%), Roman Catholic 8.4%, other Christian 8.4%, other 1.2% (includes traditional, Muslim), none 6.1% (2011 est.).”
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