Zika Virus Consequences

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Imagine getting seemingly harmless flu like symptoms, only to find a few months later that your baby is born with brain damage known as microcephaly; their lives forever damaged. These are the consequences of Zika virus, which is currently ravaging Central America, especially Brazil. Through analyzing global inequality, poverty, and failed global governance; how exactly this virus became so widespread can be explained. Zika is a viral disease transmitted through mosquitos. The virus displays classic flu like symptoms and is seemingly harmless to those infected. It wasn’t until an epidemic in Brazil occurred that the true cost of this virus was shown. Zika virus has shown to be harmful to pregnant women, causing birth defects and underdeveloped …show more content…
In order to stop infectious diseases like Zika it requires global cooperation, yet the “lack of strong cooperation leads to gaps in the global governance system. These gaps in the system only further the lack of support for people in poverty, as countries only truly interact once their own people are threatened. With the power truly lying in the hands of the rich northern countries the idea of global governance is really, “designed to serve the rich and powerful” (globalmgovernce). The rich countries only intervene in global issues once the situation threatens their own interests. In regards to Zika virus, communication between countries falls short. According to international law, countries are to report epidemiological data but in actuality, less than 50% of this data is shared (WHO). This leads to inaccurate data, making it difficult for countries to predict and analyze the spread of Zika virus and the true numbers of those infected, especially for poor civilians with no access t medical care. This lack of Global Governance created conditions for Zika virus to propagate through poor areas of third world countries and becoming the emerging epidemic it is

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