Ziggy's Suit Department Systems Analysis & Design Essay

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Ziggy’s Suit Department
Systems Analysis & Design

Zachary Powe
ITM 6000-Final Project
Mrs. Constance Jolly
March 8, 2012


Business: 4 Organizational Chart: 5 Preliminary Investigation: 5 Project Definition Document 6 Problem Statement: 6 Project: 7 Mandatory Objectives: 7 Desirable Objectives: 7 Priority of Project: 7 Project Scope: 7 Terms of Reference: 8 Time/Business Deadline: 8 Assumptions: 8 Systems Analysis: 10 Data Dictionary: Data Elements 12 Data Dictionary: Data Flows 15 Data Dictionary: Process Descriptions: 18 Data Dictionary: External Entities 21 Data Dictionary: Data Store 24 List of Constraints: 25 Forms and Reports: 26 Alternative Solutions: 29
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The Ziggy’s Suit Department is having additional problems with maintaining accurate designer inventory data this includes; quantity of products hand, amount products sold, amount of inventory on order, price at point of sale, and the expansion of new designer inventory.
Mandatory Objectives: a. To improve inventory and sales management. b. To improve the accuracy of items sold, on hand, and on order. c. To increase sales of designer inventory to approximately $ 2000.00 a week. This would reflect an increase in customer sales of 50 percent d. The implementation of e-commerce, the addition of a website and connecting to the cloud will add additional security to Ziggy for all customer transactions as part of the new business model. e. To expand Ziggy’s sales and marketing strategies’ into the global retail community
Desirable Objectives: a. To increase customer satisfaction and retention of repeat business. b. To increase employee morale and good will
Priority of Project:
Project Scope:
The implementation of the website, upgrading the application/database server, the sales and inventory management software, and the implementation of I Pads to maintain accurate sales and inventory data on a wireless format. 1) Time: Six months or 180 days. 2) Budget: $ 75,000. 3) Quality: High!!
Terms of Reference: a. The availability of technical support from the Apple Corporation for I Pads, sales and inventory

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