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M5A1 Case Study
General Electric
Paul D. Balmforth
Excelsior College

M5A1 Case Study
General Electric General Electric; many years ago, found themselves with declining sales for their appliances. General Electric instead of just accepting a declining market share General Electric instead chose to invest in the development of new product innovation and comprehensive brand positioning (Person Education). General electric focused on developing appliances they had limited distribution, that provided capabilities and dependability that created in excitement in customers, and that allowed the company to charge high end prices for their products.
Limited Distribution Strategy As General Electric looked at how to market their Profile
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Instead of cutting production and development costs, General Electric committed greater capital to new product development and innovation along with comprehensive brand positioning in their Profile and Monogram Brands (Person Education). General Electric focused on providing consumers appliances that appealed to the consumers aspirations; wants, which had innovations that other brands did not offer. When this was combined with a limited distribution strategy and strong economy, General Electric was able to create a marketing environment where their consumers may not have needed new appliances, but had earned and deserved them as a sign of the level of affluence they had achieved in life. The consumer’s emotional response to General Electric’s Profile and Monogram brands not only increased customer loyalty but the willingness of consumers to pay more for these brands.
Creating Value in the Profile and Monogram Brands As General Electric redesigned their Profile and Monogram lines they focused on new styling, innovative features, and product quality to position these brands at the higher end of the market (Person Education). General Electric’s investment in new product development and cutting edge features has been well spent. General Electric’s ability to create more value and pricing in the Profile and Monogram brand is based on the fact that they are providing a better

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