Essay about Zespri Case Analysis

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Executive Summary We are writing this case analysis and recommendation as a consulting team for Lain Jager, CEO of Zespri. Zespri is a large kiwifruit production firm, operating out of New Zealand. Zespri has managed to create large brand awareness in the market, and is hoping to further expand to maintain their position in the marketplace. In order to fully understand the macro and micro environment in which Zespri operates, the team performed different analyses in order to recommend how best to proceed as a company. The team reviews the internal strengths and weaknesses of the company through VRINE and Value Chain Analyses. They continue to the external environment, focusing on a PESTLE, Industry, and Financial Analyses of the …show more content…
Zespri’s research and development staff have created new types of kiwifruit (the Gold and Red), as well as the organic types and family brands. Recent research has proved that the kiwifruit is one of the most nutrient dense fruits. In addition to the R&D advancements, the Zespri brand also contributes to the competitive advantage of the company. The name is known for quality and availability. Their name brand allows them to set prices, rather than take them, and the brand creates value for the firm. Another advantage that Zespri has, is that they are solely invested in the production and distribution of kiwifruit, whereas the competition generally works with a variety of different products. All of these traits that Zespri has are exploitable and will remain exploitable in the future.
Unfortunately, the kiwifruit is not inimitable. Competitors can recreate all the fruit they have developed through their R&D efforts. This also means that the Zespri products (the green varieties they offer) are not non-substitutable to customers. In addition to substituting the Zespri kiwifruit with other kiwifruit, there are all the other varieties of fruit available to consumers worldwide. The competition also has the same market research and promotional opportunities as Zespri. The logistics system they are currently using is working, however if they are to expand into

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