Zero Tolerance Policies Were Enacted For School Safety Essay

1306 Words Feb 10th, 2015 null Page
Zero Tolerance policies were enacted for school safety; however, some people took them to different levels and practiced them in wrong ways. Some people support the policies, while others oppose it. This always happens whenever a new policy or law is passed. Arguing to make things better is a good thing. Every opinion is considered and there’s a possibility that an opinion can makes a huge difference. Although zero tolerance policies were enacted to prevent possible violations that might occur, zero tolerance restrict student’s right, discriminate low-income children, those with disabilities and African Americans, and decrease the improvement of students’ education.
Safety on school and campuses is the most concerned issue for both parents and students. No parents want their children to attend a school where drug-dealers and dangerous weapons are illegal but yet when the students involve in either one or both, there is no effective actions to stop it. Zeroes tolerance is nothing but only to keep “potentially dangerous students” (Ewing) away from the rest of the students in order to make them feel safe coming to school. What Ewing meant by dangerous students is that the individual student must involve with some suspicious manner such as “assaulting another or carrying a truly dangerous weapon” (Ewing). Even though they does not mean to hurt others, those who saw them with weapon will scare somehow. Their close friends or those who know them so well may laugh at them but…

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