Zenith Hdtv Case Analysis Essay

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CASE ANALYSIS – ZENITH: Marketing Research for High Definition Television (HDTV)

Under the Guidance of Dr. Abdul Waheed

Presented by:

Rohith Desikan(95) Salil Srivastava(99) Nikunj Shah(105)

Siddhant Kejriwal(109) Swati Hasija(116) Vishal Godara(127)

Case Introduction

Zenith Electronics Corporation is an American based manufacturer of color televisions, color picture tubes, color computer monitors, cable products and hi-tech electronic components such as monochrome displays, power supplies and automotive electronics. Zenith was exploring the possibility of entering into new frontiers with High Definition television (HDTV) technology. The benefits of making this switch from their traditional stronghold of CRT technology
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12% market share in the US.

Collaboration   Component Distributor- they sell different electrical hardware, like cathode ray tubes, high resolution color monitors to various companies. They need to conform to the standards of NTSC, so that the main purpose of HDTV is defeated.

Identifying the problem

The main problem that the Zenith managers are facing is whether to go for the HDTV venture, or the 16:9 Aspect Ratio picture tubes, and which marketing strategy to go for regarding the same.


The current objectives of the company are to be the dominant player in the market share and venture successfully into a new product, either the HDTV, or the 16:9 Aspect Ratio of the picture tubes.

Market orientation:

Initial orientation: the initial approach that can be followed by Zenith, will be the Selling Concept, because they need to create a demand for the relatively expensive HDTV‟s in the market. This will then be followed by a mixture of Product concept and Selling Concept, where in they will keep on modifying their product, with a little increase in the price.

Some Questions:

1. How much existing information on TV buyers can be used to assess the HDTV market? Zenith is trying to venture into a completely new (and unexplored) territory. The market research process, is as shown (on the next page). The following steps are used: a. Defining the problem: this can be summarized by one

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