Zara 's Mission Statement : Zara Essay

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Th channel that I did my research on was Zara. It is located in South Coast Plaza. It uses store formate retailing. Zara is originally from Spain, and it was founded in 1974. According to, “Zara, the cheap-chic subsidiary of the Spanish fashion giant, runs about 2,350 stores in major cities worldwide, as well as some 165 Zara Kids shops in some 75 countries. Zara boasts about 125 shops across Canada, the US, and Mexico. The chain sells women 's, men 's, and children 's apparel and also offers plus-size and maternity lines to clothe its larger customers. Zara Home, which sells home fashions, has about 390 stores in 25 countries. “ Zara’s mission statement is they aim to contribute to the sustainable development of society and that of the environment with which we interact. Zara offers very basic service. Customers can ask questions through email, by phones, live chats, and talking to a person in store. And to provide the best experience for customers who shops at Zara, they hire secret shoppers to see if the salesmen are treating good to the customers, and also what needs to change in the store. Although, when it comes to problem solving, salesperson cannot make a decision unless the manager approves it. The returning policy for Zara is that they guarantee to refund any item customers are not completely happy with when they return it to the store within 1month as of the confirmation of the Shipment Confirmation. Customers shall receive a full refund of the price…

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