Essay On John The Baptist

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Who is John? What was his purpose on earth? How did he come to know Jesus? John is known as John the Baptist and is related to Jesus through Jesus and his mother. John was born on earth for a purpose and his purpose was to help bring those people who does not know about God, come to know him. Not only that, but also John was to help prepare the people and be ready for God when he return to earth. John and Jesus both were born on earth for a reason and had a mission to do on earth to help spread the good news of who God is and why people should come to believe in him. Zacharias and Elizabeth are the parents of, John the Baptist. Before John was born Zacharias and Elizabeth did not have any children. They tried to make some children, but because …show more content…
The angel came to Zacharias to tell him that Elizabeth and he will be expecting a child soon. Zacharias did not believe the angel because his wife, Elizabeth was too old and was not able to have any children. Gabriel told Zacharias that if he did not believe him and his word, he will give Zacharias a sign which will not allow him to speak until his son is born. Gabriel also told Zacharias that when his son is born they are to name him John. John will be brought into the world for a reason and through a miracle for a special purpose to do Gods work on earth. What was God purpose of having John down on earth? John purpose on earth was to preach about who God is, who is the messiah, and what is repentance and why people should repent. Why was repenting important and why did people need to repent for? Everyone born into this world is known for a sinner and in order to be forgiven they should ask for forgiveness. Even Jesus himself was a sinner and had to repent to God, his father the same as us. Repenting can be like confessing your sin to God and asking for forgiveness from him. God is a loving God and he accept everyone who confess to him, but not everyone does that.

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