Yunnan Luck Air Case Study Essay

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1. What are Yunnan Lucky Air’s best options?
Luck Air had a great business model, and that was to follow the same model as Southwest Airlines in the United States. Because Luck Air is considered a domestic airline in China they operate on a small scale compared to major competitors and so it made economical sense to offer low-cost, high-efficiency to their customers. In 2007 Lucky Air was able to more than double the amount of passengers from the year before by using a low-cost tactic. However other airlines have also caught on to offering low-cost fares for domestic routes to their passengers. With more competitors Lucky Air has decided to look at the possibility of taking a risk and to focus on e-commerce. Backed by their parent
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2. What factors should its executive team consider? * In 2007 there were many factors that Lucky Air’s executive needed to consider. Since Lucky Air operates in China there are government fess and

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