Yu Quoa Connection Of Writing Style Analysis

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Steven Li
Prof. Yang
CHIN 355
November 8 2016
A Critique of China:
The Connection of Writing Style in Yu Hua and Lu Xun writing Lu Xun’s heavily anti-feudalism and anti-Confucian and Yu Hua’s “China in Ten Words” represent that Chinese citizens have no rights to speak for themselves due to the low level of living environment and corrupted government’s policies also called dictatorship. In both of their works, they seem have nothing similar because they are talking about two completely different things according to their experience, background, and what they had suffered, nevertheless, these are the reasons why they speak for mainland China because so many Chinese citizens are not satisfied with the circumstance, but they were so afraid to complain to the government. “the people are Chairman Mao, and Chairman is the people” (Yu, 2011), during the Cultural Revolution, so many people served Chairman Mao as a belief,
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They also expose that Chinese were sick in the past due to the old thinking (Confucius), they did not have idea about how to change their life or at least have their own thinking. Lu Xun and Yu Hua’s works fully speak for many Chinese’s voice.

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