Ypennant Week 7 Social & Civil Breadth Essay

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Social & Civil Breadth
College Seminar I
February 28, 2013 Introduction
We as humans have to understand what it really means to be free and what the real meaning is. Do we as a society understand how some laws were meant for all and some that were really placed in law for others? There are rules and laws that are set in place just for people of color or minority and some that are set in place for all if the all fit in the category set forth in that particular law. To this day the law is not equal.
Crucial Social and Political incidents

When my parents moved our family from Newark, NJ to Piscataway, NJ in the early 70’s, my father wanted to find a place better than where we were coming from. He found a home in an area that
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My father explained to us why we were never allowed across the road. We learned that the KKK headquarters was only a little over a mile from our home and living where they lived would only cause problems.

Going to school every day was a challenge, especially when I started high school. I had to ride the school bus with a knife in my bag because the kids were extremely mean and unruly to me, the only black person on the bus. We were told by the principal of the school to not walk the halls unless we were in pairs. We had school drills for locker checks, not the normal fire drills, but locker check drills. These drills were conducted by the police and they would come in and check the lockers for any type of weapons. The first year of high school was the worst, but after all of the locker drills and getting rid of the students that were causing all of the commotion, everything cooled down and most of the students actually got along. There were still some whites who were left who did not want us there, but overall it was better.
Even though things were not that good for us at all, we coped; even with the hatred was with the teachers as well as the students.
First and foremost, the re-election of a black president is recognition that times have changed and that African-American’s are moving forward, but to what extent, I often still wonder. I was emailed this article from a friend that CNN reported: President

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