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Iron ore What it is and why we need it.

Contents: 1.0 Introduction 2.0 Iron 2.1 Where we can find it and how 2.2 Characteristics 2.3 Costs 2.4 Disadvantages 3.0 Uses 4.0 Conclusion 5.0 References

1.0 Introduction Iron is mined all over the world and contributes to a major part of the
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One way we can find iron ore is by detecting its magnetic waves. This method works by placing a magnetic system onto a plane, which then flies overhead and maps out the areas where large concentrations of iron ore can be seen. This method works however it may detect other ores as well as iron that are only discovered once we start mining. Another more reliable way of finding iron is by using gravimeters on an aircraft, which measure fluctuations in earths gravitational pull. The higher density a certain area has the more metals and minerals it has. This data can be analyzed by scientists that can estimate what kinds of elements are where. They can do this comparing the volume of the area with how much gravity it has effected. For example, if there was a very heavy, dense metal such as gold. It would only take up a very small area to create some sort of gravitational difference where something like lithium is so light it would take a massive area to produce any amount of gravitational change. With this, scientist can determine how heavy and dense the metal is that has been detected which in turn may not lead to a direct metal but a range of metals that could be there. Again, this method is not exact but it is useful in finding large quantities of metals for a large scale mine. One method of exploration that is exact is Core samples. This is where a hole is drilled into the site or rock of choice where samples are then taken out of the hole and examined for specific

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