Youth Violence: Is the Media to Blame? Essay example

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Youth Violence: Is the Media to Blame?


Mallory Dunkley

Youth Violence: Is the Media to Blame?

Not all children who watch violent programming get in trouble with the law; some feel that there is a strong direct link between the two. There is a good deal of compelling data that suggests that there is a direct link between the media and youth violence. Throughout our history, the media has and can influence people in different ways but the more obvious question is this: There is a number of ways; the media influences the younger generation behaviors. Children are the most susceptible to this, they emulate what they see, and they believe that it is correct to act out what they see on television, movies
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What if the child plays Modern Warfare, do they think that that is what is father or mother does in the military? Going around killing the enemy, instead of the real truth, which is just being there, in case a situation calls for a different action when diplomatic solution fails? What are we teaching our children that it is acceptable to shoot first and talk later?

As stated before, it should be noted that not all children who watch violent television programming or watch violent movies and play violent video games, get in trouble with the law. I am simply stating that children that are subjected to such things on a regular basis often act out what they see. As a consequence, are becoming more desensitized when it comes to seeing such acts of violence. Not all children who watch all of these forms of violent media’s are going to go to a school or a movie theater and start killing people. The prevalence, of youth violence is indicative of something much more fundamental than what’s showing at the movies or on television, it is a sign of cultural disintegration (Reed, 2006). Colorado Governor Bill Owens told an audience at the Heritage Foundation that the solution “will come one child at a time as parents teach their children the difference between right and wrong. The solution will come when parents turn off violent and hateful television shows. More important, it will come when parents teach their children how to discern

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