Essay on Youth Violence And Youth Today

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Youth Today
Youths are different from yesterday. Youth today do not remember years ago when it didn’t take much for kids to have a smile on their face. Previous generations, they enjoyed bike riding, fun times at the park, movies, and sports. Young people are different than twenty years ago. Today’s teenagers are influenced by Smart Phones, TV images, and Social Media. Today youth have their faces buried in the phone at family gatherings. Previous generations there were pulled cords walking around the house while talking on the phone. Youth today use Social Media to cyber bully others. Twenty years ago there weren’t any communicating on the web or anything else as fare as that goes; teenagers doesn’t seem to take their lives as serious as they should. There are numerous of dropouts, teen pregnancies rising, and less involvement in the community, also they see lots of terrible things that goes on around them; they love the nice clothes, shoes, hairstyles, and whatever electronic devices that’s happen Teenagers today are in trouble because everything is made too easy for them, back in earlier time; teenagers worked hard for what they thought would make them succeed in life. Youth today don’t have the respect for their parents as they did twenty years ago growing up. When coming up many teenagers were scared of their parents, there was no way they would ever talk back, smack their lips or slam any doors during them days. Now they want to do that plus some more. The…

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