The Pros And Cons Of Youth Sports

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With state testing and college prep, there are too many things to worry about for a student’s high school career. GPA is most important number out of most high school student’s pocket. It will reflect how easy it will be for the student to go to college, get scholarships or full/partial rides, and how they are perceived as a student. This number sets up a student’s whole life, so shouldn’t all the school’s effort be in making this the highest number possible? One of the most detrimental things to this effort is Sports. Sports can distract from education, have high physical and mental risks on athletes, and can take way from all student and staff time and activities. When participating in sports, games can make students miss class because …show more content…
Donna L. Merkel discusses in her article, “Youth sport: positive and negative impact on young athletes,” both the positives and negatives of sports. She presents in a table how sports provide more physical activity, better motor skills, and an obesity risk decrease, as well as positive character development, increase mental health, and better social skill. Though she also includes how sports can cause injuries, unrealistic expectations, and stress, while also causing imbalance between different groups. (157) Injuries by far are one of the biggest down problems from the athlete’s perspective. The high amount of injuries in sports start to tear down athletes body and make them more susceptible to re-injuries and even when healed, the injury will still cause the body to be weaker. Also when injured, athletes can feel pressure to get on the field as fast as possible. This can be from coaches, peers, parents, or themselves. From this, they sometimes won’t consider the repercussions of not waiting for the injury to heal properly. Athletes might lie about minor injuries to continue playing as well. They sometimes will play on their injuries prematurely so they don’t miss additional game time. Even with the physical toll, injuries have a big mental toll. Having to sit out either a few games or a whole …show more content…
Sports cost a lot more money than people imagine. “By suspending sports, [the superintendent of Premont Independent School District] realized, he could save $150,000 in one year. A third of this amount was being paid to teachers as coaching stipends, on top of the smaller costs: $27,000 for athletic supplies, $15,000 for insurance, $13,000 for referees, $12,000 for bus drivers,” Author Amanda Ripley reports. Education is suffering all around the country and when schools spends this much on sports, that shouldn’t be a problem. With $150,000, the school can use that to improve education. The school can buy more text books and supplies for classrooms. They can buy more novels for the library which promote reading outside of the required text for school. They could have study halls afterschool that are separated by subject which allow students to better understand concepts that they are learning in class while also promoting students to become tutors under teacher supervision. There are many ways the school can use the money to promote education though when schools get provided enough funding for classrooms, there are other ways the school can spend money and better prepare students for the future. The arts are one of the most lacking programs in public schools. Music helps students express themselves in a safe environment, learn different skills, and broaden their perception. Acting allows the high

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