Youth Ministry Internship

awesome because then I can really have a more personal relationship with a group of students that I can talk to about God and help them through problems that they’re dealing with. The spiritual needs I believe are and were being met throughout the internship with each and every moment, when dealing with the message, life groups, and other spiritual building areas within the youth ministry.
I really enjoy the way that the youth ministry that I was interning for ran each and every service. I don’t have many critiques or suggestions to improve the services but maybe one. The youth ministry is so big, maybe finding a way to split up middle school students and high school students more often. The reason I say this is because I think that each age
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I have experienced many weaknesses that have really stood out to me in the internship spiritually and personally. Starting with spiritually I have felt so dry and moments spiritually that I didn’t know what to do when I didn’t even really want to pray or even seek after God in some moments. I felt a little broken and beaten up by the enemy with lies being told to me that I don’t deserve the opportunity to be in the role that I am as an intern and that I should quit it. The enemy didn’t like where God was taking me and he tried to beat me up however he could to bring me down and someday it worked and others it didn’t. Going to strength on this is that I just leaned and cried out to God in every moment of experiencing those moments and I believe that God was faithful to me. There were moments when I went days without really experiencing the presence or the feeling of Jesus in my life. Those days were very hard because I felt so alone and felt so broken in the moments and those moments were when the enemy would really attack me because I felt as if I had no defense. In those moments I was always reminded by God or someone around me about Gods promises which always help me fix my eyes back onto him as if he was telling me that when I feel alone that I never am and never will be. I found some spiritual strengths that I experienced in times through out the internship. One is …show more content…
I would say I only have three negative experiences that really stick out to me. The first of would be doing boring and dirty jobs that didn’t make me feel like I was at where I wanted or thought I would be. I would do jobs that nobody saw and felt like I was in a really low spot in the moment. The second experience that stick out to me would be kind of put in my place as an intern and as a student of leadership. I thought and felt like I had power but was told to kind of earn my spot in the ministry so that I can just learn instead of thinking I know because I’m in a position to learn first and lead second. It was hard to hear that but it humbled me in a positive way but was still a very negative experience because it really sat on my heart and mind for a few weeks. The last negative experience that I experienced was just feeling really spiritually and physically tired for about two weeks straight because in those two weeks I was so busy I didn’t feel like I really got a break. As well as being apart of a 13 intern group but being the only intern to be at a campus alone feeling a bit separated from the group which put me down for a little while.
I learned so many things and was able to bring in what I have learn and the tools that I have acquired from school and other life experience to help push myself and other, also being able to build the ministry I was apart of. I enjoyed

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