Essay about Youth Live Is Program For Youth

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Youth Live is program for youth between the ages of 16 and 24 years old who have difficulty gaining employment as they are no longer attending school due to various reasons. Youth Live is based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia with two main facilities, The Youth Live Enviro Depot and the Youth Live Warehouse on the St. Margret’s Bay road. Youth who meet the criteria laid out on the Halifax are able to apply through the online application or calling the recruiting line. Once accepted into the program youth are offered to participate in up to 21 weeks of job skill and life development. The program has no cost of joining and youth are able to earn money by participating in the business operations at the facilities. By being given an hourly stipend youth are able to focus on their progress and development in the program instead of worrying about basic necessities (Health Resource and Skills Canada, 2011). Youth Live participants are scheduled for shifts during the time period of 9am-4pm, Monday through Saturday, receiving a training allowance based on a 35-hour work week ADD THE BENEFITS OF THIS FROM ARTICLE. During this shifts, youth are able to build hands on experience, customer service skills and transfer these skills to building a future career. Currently throughout the 21-week program youth participate in learning sessions that include interview techniques, writing resumes and cover letters, job search tool and techniques, safety and skill identification. From participating…

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