Essay Youth Gangs And Their Influence On Youth

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Youth gangs is an interesting topic to be explored, particularly the influence on why youth feel compelled to join gangs. To provide a generalized concept of how youth gangs in this essay, it will be used in broad terms of persons aged twenty-five and younger and group engaged in unlawful behavior (Esbensen, Ni He, and Taylor 2001:106). Based on peer-reviewed research youth join gangs because of parental, school and peer influences. A prominent force that invites youth to join gangs is parental influences. Research has shown parent relationships and family structure to have a key role: a questionnaire answered by youth in a public high school in different states in America (Esbensen et al. 2001:112-13) presented a comparison of youth in and not in gangs, which concluded to ones involved with gangs were significantly more likely to have single parents, parents who did not graduate high school and lower levels of parental monitoring (Esbensen et al. 2001:116-177). Therefore we must look further on parent relationships and family structure to see the results of these conditions.
Initially, parents are the youth’s primary agent of socialization (Gilman et al. 2014: 205) thus, if youth in gangs are living in these circumstances (ie. Single parents, uneducated parents, less parental monitoring) it presents parent(s) under these circumstances are unlikely to be able to nurture and teach good behavior (Esbensen et al. 2001:120) and good ethic (Taylor et al. 2008: 1451) due to work…

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