Youth Culture And The Transition Of Adulthood Essay

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Youth culture is the way in which youths live their life and the way in which they have unity via similar sharing norms and values. Youth culture has notable differences from older generations, and is often associated with the idea of being a period of time in your life that transitions you from child to adulthood. Or, as the functionalist Eisenstadt phrases it, it is the transitory stage in which children transition to adulthood. It is also important to note that the ideology surrounding youth culture is distinct from the idea of sub cultures, the functionalism view point emphasising this via the idea of a homogenous group. However, youth subcultures can be seen throughout history and todays society, and I will be explaining more about this within my essay. In this essay I will make note of the different views of the role of youth culture in this transition period, and will be evaluating how influential youth culture actually is in the transition to adulthood.

It is an expectation from society that you must mature, understand your responsibilities and have the ability to live life successfully as an adult. The idea that becoming an adult and understanding what it means to be one occurs instantly is enhanced by the idea of anchorage, argued by settersons, such as a specific age (18) that declares you as an adult, and the giving of new responsibilities instantly. (eg. Drinking) Yet is undeniable that there must be a transition between adulthood and childhood, as the…

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