Youth Crime Is Illegal Acts Committed By Children And Young People

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The number of children and young people charged in court in 2015 was 1,878; the lowest it has ever been since the year 1992 (Statistics New Zealand, n.d.). This fact, alongside other data that is listed and explained below supports the thesis statement that - youth crime is under control in New Zealand. The ‘other data’ will consist of four paragraphs. First of all, information on the topic will be given as well as the types of offenders that exist; secondly, what causes these children and young people to commit illegal acts; thirdly, the consequences they face in court once they are caught and finally, what New Zealand has done and is continuously doing to reduce this issue even further.

In essence, youth crime is illegal acts committed by children and young people. The Children, Young Persons and their Families Act 1989 (CYPF 1989 Act), creates a separate justice system for children that are aged between 10 and 13 and youth, aged between 14 and 16 (Ministry of Justice - Child offending and youth justice processes, n.d.). Children and young people are at a very emotional and unstable stage during their adolescence; this, on top of other factors could lead them to consider a number of frowned-upon acts. An article by Judge Becroft (2009) goes into more detail, talking about two different types of youth offenders; the life-course persistent offender and the adolescent onset offender. The life-course persistent offender, even from an early age exhibit severe behaviour…

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