Contingency Plan Research Paper

Software testing, account testing and website testing is loaded with risks. If the worst happens, such as if a program goes rogue, if a program wrecks your hardware, if your information is stolen, and so forth, it is a good idea to have a few contingency plans. Your personal contingency plan should depend on your methods and the types of software you are testing. With that in mind, here are a few elements you may wish to enter into your contingency plans.

Burnable Email Addresses

The first piece of advice is an easy one, as a tester and as a hardcore Internet user, you should have more than one email address. You should have plenty, such as one for your social media accounts, one for work, one for testing only, one for friends and family,
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Do not mix them with your personal or other working profiles because you may risk being hacked, spammed and/or you may attract retribution from the products you reviewed negatively.

Work Accounts, Personal Accounts And Contingency Accounts

Keep your work and personal accounts separate, which is common senses, and also try to isolate your contingency accounts from your work and personal accounts.

Contingency Online Accounts

For example, if you have a Google account or a PayPal account, you can set up numerous accounts if you wish. If your data and/or other accounts are hacked, you can quickly burn them and use your backups.

Reset-Ready Computers

If you are testing on a desktop device, you should be ready to reset it. Buy a computer that is reset ready, which means you wouldn’t lose anything if it were reset because of a virus, hack or rogue program.

Disposable Or Reset-Ready Phones

You should do the same for your phone as you do for your desktop device. The online difference is that if you are well funded enough, you may be able to dispose of your phone and get another. For example, if you root the device to test a piece of software and the software then makes your phone
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You should probably do it every now and again, and especially before you test a piece of software and/or a new website and/or an account. When you reset your computer, it often alters all your settings and you have to spend a long time getting them back to the way you like them. If you save your settings on a hard drive, you may simply load them back up again.

Different And Varied Cloud Computing Accounts

Using cloud computing brings its own sets of pros and cons. For example, you may be less likely to damage your own hardware, but there are also other security issues to take into consideration. Nevertheless, if you can afford cloud computing, then you should try it, and you should consider numerous accounts with different companies to act as a backup.

Numerous Free Cloud Storage Accounts

The fact is that you can get free cloud storage accounts from a bunch of brand named suppliers, so why not use them for different testing projects, especially projects where files may be corrupted and/or changes may go unnoticed for months before a bug is found.

External Hard

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