Essay on Your Motivations And Motivated Capabilities

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5. Your motivations and motivated capabilities:
a. What are your extrinsic motivations?
The need to provide a stable, healthy, and awesome environment for my family by providing a lifestyle that demonstrates our position and education levels in life. Aka keeping up with the Jones
b. What are your intrinsic motivations?
The need to provide my best effort as I will be judged and I want to measure up and succeed in as many of life’s endeavors that I can. Internal drive to not be embarrassed. A natural curiosity to want to understand why things are and what variables cause it to be so.
c. Make a list in rank order of your overall motivations.
The need to measure up, the need to provide for my family, the need to know, the desire to win.
d. What are your developmental needs?
I need to be a better listener and not be so quick to judge or dive into fixing a problem. Some issues don’t require a head on direct approach and I’m often aggressive when a softer approach is smarter.
e. What are your motivated capabilities?
The ability to perform in pressure situations, the ability to temporarily endure discomfort to accomplish the end goal or mission.
f. What leadership situations optimize the use of your motivated capabilities?
Situations with clear goals, empowerment to lead change, support staff with strong technical skills and good communication skills.
6. Personal reflections
a. What do you do to be reflective or introspective?
I find a quiet space to think and write. Trying not to…

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