Your Foreign Buyer 's Portrait Essay

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Your Foreign Buyer’s Portrait

Another vital key to your success in marketing and eventually selling properties internationally is defining upfront - who is your potential foreign buyer, what is he looking for and thus how to address his needs with the best return-on-investment ratio for your marketing expenses? Creating your potential foreign buyers’ profile will allow you to offer them what they want, market accordingly and sell your property quicker and for more money.
The most important task is to find out whether your property fits any of the possible goals of the foreign buyers. Let’s see why the foreign buyers do actually prefer to buy real estate in countries other than their own.
First of all, the foreign buyers are regularly looking for vacation homes abroad. If your country or region of the country is a resort area at the warm sea shore, you have extremely good chances to attract the foreign buyers from countries with cold climates and no beaches, quite understandable. Also, ski and golf resorts are popular among foreigners for having a vacation home there. Your chances to sell and for a good price would be even higher if your vacation property can be rented out while the owner is not using it.
Foreigners often buy residential properties not just for using by themselves, but for renting out and getting some rental income. If your property suits this goal, then in your listings and ads provide a lot of information on the rental market in your area and where your…

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