Your Are Required to Identify Two Specific Performance Management Issues. These Issues Relate to the Performance Management Process and Link Performance Management to Strategic Planning in Your Organisations.

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Additionally there is approximately, 20 additional staff making up the office, labs and library and 10 persons in charge of security and cleaning.

Current performance management system

In order to fully understand the extend of the existing performance management system currently in this organization an analysis of what exist will be done under the umbrella of the performance management process.
The Prerequisite.

According to Aguinis 2009 pg 31 a knowledge of one’s mission and strategic goal which is as result of a strategic plan, as well as knowledge of one’s job are key in the performance management process. As it exists now in my organization there is a mission and vision statement which is displayed in the foyer on letter size paper. Many members of staff are aware of their existence but unaware of it intent. The current appraisal system is not aligned to any part of the mission or the vision statement and any staff development done is usually mandated by the Ministry of Education which often does not address the needs of the school. On a positive note, teachers are fully aware of their job but often do not comply with some aspects of it. For example one of the duties of the teacher as per their job description is maintaining discipline in the classroom, but because of lack of development in this area many of them walk out of the class and demand that the problem be addressed by the dean or the

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