Youngsters Nowadays Are Living in a Comfort Compared to Old Days

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Youngsters nowadays are living in a comfort compared to old days. Do you agree? (30marks)
Thanks to the development of technology, youth nowadays have easy and comfortable life. Inventions such as cars, planes and internets are enabling us to save time and stay updated to daily events. However, is it really true that we are living a better life than our grandparents’ generation? I beg to differ. We are suffering even more in terms of stress, danger and health problems.
With the development of the world, came the higher education level. In the past, people were required to study for the minimum degree of graduating high school in order to find a job to support themselves and their families. Today, the youth is always under pressure; from
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Therefore, in this dangerous society, I believe we are not living in comfort. In fact, we are walking on a thin ice which can break anytime.
Furthermore, due to the invention of internet, health problems are one of the main concerns that the parents are moaning about. With internet, games and social medias came along. As they became more and more popular among the youth, minority of them started to become addicted to either the games or social medias; or even both. The common thing about these addicts is that the majority of them became introverts after getting addicted. They preferred their rooms with curtains drawn to block the sunlight to the world outside their rooms. What is the point of having 500 Facebook friends when you know not a single one of them? Furthermore, as they refuse to leave the room, they became obese and their body was vulnerable to various diseases. If a sickness is not taken care of properly, it may become very serious. Also, they will have trouble going outside as they will fall ill easily. Hence, I believe that we are not leading a better life than the past.
On the other hand, some may dare to object that we are not suffering from the hunger the old generation had to face every day. It is true that most of the world population is not suffering from starvation. However, instead of hunger, we are

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