Younger Generation Vs Baby Boomers Essay

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Views of Baby Boomers versus the Younger Generations
Baby boomers make up a large portion of our population in the United States of America. They receive a lot of recognition, and make a huge impact on the way many people think about modern communication devices, such as cell phones. Most people respect the views and opinions of these people, and a lot of the time agrees with them. However, the younger generations, such as myself, have our own views and opinions that could cause conflict with the views of the baby boomers. The use and importance of cell phones have become a popular debate between the two generations. Here are some reasons why our generations have different views on technology.
This generation is changing faster than any other generation before us, because of the rise of technology. Our generation has been given everything on a silver platter while other generations before us have had to work hard to get what they have. Most of the differences between this generation and baby
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The generation before the baby boomers were talking about how bad there generation was. The generation before us, generation X, was talking that about how bad millennials are. We all try to make our generation better and try to bring other generations down that 's just how things work. Even though millennials love social media, texting, and talking on the phone, we still are making and improving technology every day. Sometimes technology has its downfalls; like lack of communication, but look how much technology has changed the world. Today you see little kids with cell phones and tablets. You even see baby boomers using technology. It is just a cycle of generations talking bad about the younger generations. I mean I even talk about how bad my generation is. Instead of judging every generation, how about we just stay in this together. It is one nation under God and we should stick by this and we should all stay

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