Young People Essay examples

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1.1 Explain why working in partnership with others is important for children and young people

Partnership is driven by a desire for collaborative advantage and can offer many positive outcomes, like benefits for staff and services such as less replication between different service providers. It helps them see others point of view and it keeps them from being selfish, it helps young people interact with others to achieve a goal, and it helps them develop socially. It’s important to work in partnership with others so that all agencies can share information and concerns about children and young people in their care, it also helps to keep the children safe and away from harm.

1.2 Identify who relevant partners would be in own
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* Referrals can be initiated by practitioners, parents and carers and by the child or young person themselves. * - referral forms * - referrals to other agencies will usually be made when concerns are shared about a child/young person’s health and learning. * Children and young people who need additional support can obtain it through one of the professionals working in the setting. * Practitioners concerned about a child/young person should discuss their concerns with their manager who will decide on the next course of action

3.1 identify the reasons for partnerships with carers.

-Encourages a better understanding of the needs of a child/young person
- provides an extended opportunity for information sharing between the carer and the setting staff
- Some carers have skills which can be used in the setting, like music, cooking, sewing.
-encourages a better understanding of how t he work setting operated
- may not share the same language or culture as others in the setting, can increase the awareness and knowledge of staff, children and young people

3.2 describe

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